Following on from the great coverage elsewhere, a few personal words on why Balderton chose to invest in Numeral.

From our side, this was a “no brainer” investment: a clear pain point for any business doing payments operations; a product-first founding team with strong relevant startup experience; shipping fast with…

The vault of the Bank of England

I’ve spent a lot of (too much) time at fintech and insurtech conferences over the last month. I feel like I have had the same conversation multiple times with other VCs around ‘balance sheet’ fintech businesses but haven’t been able to fully expand on my points. …

Blogging on anything related to cryptocurrency is a daunting prospect, as there is already a huge amount of coverage, the learning curve is steep and the space ever-changing. So am looking forward to some frank feedback on this….

I joined the Blockstack event in Berlin Friday, with speakers including Nick…

Rob Moffat

Partner at Balderton Capital in London, working with Zego, Wagestream, Cleo, Carwow, Mojiworks, Primer, PlayPlay, Dream. Formerly Google & Bain.

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